Q: What is Two Roast?
A: Two Roast combines premium roasted organic coffee with fresh ground organic cacao to form a delicious experience that is familiar, yet remarkably new. Two Roast is all natural, contains no sugar, dairy, gluten, nor chemicals. 
Q: I understand coffee, but what is cacao?
A: Cacao beans are the most elemental ingredient in chocolate-making. These beans grow only in specific climate regions around the world and, like wine, are incredibly complex. Cacao flavor profiles are influenced by a multitude of factors, such as: temperature, elevation, soil conditions, growing region, and roasting (to name only a few!). 
Q: Does Two Roast taste like chocolate?
A: Yes and no. There are certainly notes of chocolate in Two Roast. However, it does not taste like the cafe mocha made at your local coffee shop. Mochas, while tasty, are loaded with syrups and sugar. Two Roast is all about the bean, thus subtle and meant to be explored. We take care to intentionally pair complimentary cacao and coffee beans to create a new and exciting experience for the coffee enthusiast.
Q: How much caffeine is in Two Roast?
A: The typical 8oz cup of coffee contains roughly 90-100mg of caffeine. An 8oz cup of Two Roast contains roughly 40-50mg of caffeine. That being said, because Two Roast also features pure cacao, it also contains a caffeine-like stimulant called theobromine. Caffeine is fast acting and short lived. Theobromine, on the other hand, is more gentle, mild, and long lasting. 
Q: What are the ingredients in Two Roast?
A: Two Roast features only two ingredients: coffee and cacao.
Q: Does Two Roast contain any carbs?
A: Two Roast contains no sugar and has less than 1g of carbohydrates per serving.
Q: Who makes Two Roast?
A: Dan and Jenny Oliver make Two Roast in Nashville, TN. Jenny runs the day-to-day while Dan handles the back-office. They dream of living on a farm and raising their two boys to work hard and play harder.
Q: Where did the idea for Two Roast come from?
A: On a cool summer night, Dan sat around a camp fire with a few friends. One friend told the story of an incredible experience at a neighborhood cafe in Toronto. As the story goes, the cafe ground fresh cacao beans and pulled them through an espresso machine. The result was an amazing coffee-like drink. For months, Dan sought to recreate the experience at home and found that he most enjoyed the combination of coffee and cacao. Thus, Two Roast was born!