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Two Roast was created by Dan and Jenny Oliver in Nashville, TN. Through a long series of experiments - Dan learned that he liked brewed cacao best when mixed with coffee. The couple crowdfunded their first production run on Facebook in December of 2015. They are working - mostly at night, once the kids go to bed - to share the experience with others.


We believe what you put into your body is of the highest importance. This is why we purchase the best coffee and cacao beans possible. Our suppliers are certified organic and fair-trade - and our decaf blend uses the expensive Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate without chemicals - and without harming the taste.

We believe in enhancing everyday experiences. Coffee is the second most traded commodity other than oil (source). Millions drink it every day. So why enter such a saturated market? Because we believe we have created an experience for the coffee drinker that is simple and delicious.

We believe in sharing generously with others. We have designed our business model around a $15 minimum wage. We want to create opportunities for others to grow, expand their minds - and ultimately their lives!


If you would like additional information about Two Roast, please contact us by email.

Dan Oliver, Creator and Founder -

Jenny Oliver, Creator and Founder -

Product Info

Blends: Original, Dark, and Decaf

Specs: 12oz bags only with limited edition runs throughout the year

Ingredients: Coffee, Cacao

More info can be found in our FAQ here.


Our logo is simple and clean. As with any positive experience, we want Two Roast to be shareable - hence the hashtag. Additional image sizes/colors can be found here.

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